Asphalt Plant Locations

About Sunmount Paving:

Sunmount Paving is a leading asphalt pavement manufacturer and paving contractor in North Central Texas and throughout the Southwest. We’re proud of our involvement in many of the public and private construction projects that have shaped the footprint of our state. Each year, our teams successfully complete hundreds of contracts for projects including public roadways and interstates, commercial parking areas, airports, and racetracks. No matter how large the scope of work or how high-profile the project, Sunmount Paving does the job safely, efficiently, and using quality materials produced in-house at one of our state-of-the-art asphalt plants.

Our local operations here in Texas benefit from a national network of more than a dozen paving companies and more than 60 asphalt plants that form the VINCI Construction USA network.

However, the primary focus of Sunmount Paving is, and will always remain, centered on our local and regional partnerships. We take advantage of the depth of resources afforded to us by being part of a national organization to benefit our local communities.

The plants and operations that makeup Sunmount Paving have served our communities in Texas for 35 years, beginning in 1984 with the opening of our flagship asphalt plant in Justin, Texas. Since then, our operations have expanded to include additional plants in Denton and Bridgeport, and have expanded to take on increasingly complex infrastructure projects.

At Sunmount Paving, we are honored to serve as both a business partner and a community partner. We look forward to delivering the next project that will improve the lives and livelihoods of our fellow Texans.

Mission & Values:

At Sunmount Paving, every decision we make is driven by our mission for excellence in the paving industry. We are committed to delivering professionally executed services and products on time, on budget, and engineered to provide maximum value to our clients.

The Way We Work

As part of the VINCI Construction USA network, Sunmount Paving operates according to a set of principles that are common to all VINCI Construction USA subsidiaries.

Our Leadership

The management team at Sunmount Paving is comprised of asphalt production and paving industry experts who together represent proven ability and superior leadership.

Our History

Sunmount Paving has played an integral role in the development of the Dallas-Fort Worth region of Texas for 35 years since our founding in 1984.