Asphalt Plant Locations

The Way We Work

Sunmount Paving is proud to be a member of the VINCI Construction USA family of companies, one of the leading transport infrastructure and urban development companies in the United States.

At Sunmount Paving, our operations benefit from a shared network of subsidiary companies located throughout the eastern half of the United States, while at the same time retaining our autonomy as a company. This corporate structure enables Sunmount Paving to be responsive to local contracting needs in Texas, but with the added benefit of a vast depth of resources.

Sunmount Paving operates according to a set of shared principles that are central to all subsidiaries of VINCI Construction USA throughout the world. Combined, they form the core of our organization’s approach to business and ensure consistency of performance and profitability.

Sunmount Paving considers the safety of its employees, and the general public, to be a matter of utmost importance. A strong safety record is essential to providing a healthy and safe environment for all employees.

Our team works diligently to achieve our Zero Accidents visions. Our employees adhere to all safety regulations, report all unsafe behaviors, and keep a vigilant watch on the safety of themselves and their coworkers.

Sunmount Paving is proud of its outstanding reputation, formed throughout our decades of doing business, as a quality service provider. From the hot mix that’s trucked out of our asphalt plants each day to job sites throughout the region, to the transport and entertainment surfaces we pave: our signature on a contract is a guarantee of the absolute best quality of services and products available on the market.

One of the primary pillars on which our company is built, innovation has long contributed to our quality of services and reputation as a company. The work we do, and the materials we produce, have the potential to influence our environment and communities. At Sunmount Paving, we remain committed to ensuring that our influence is positive, by developing new technologies and finding innovative solutions to the challenges faced by our local communities and beyond.

Sunmount Paving embraces its responsibility to the health and sustainability of our environment for future generations. Our organization’s commitment to environmental stewardship extends through every level of operations, from management to trade workers and everyone in between. We uphold our environmental commitment through several standard processes, including using recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) whenever possible, and implementing new recycled mixes into our projects wherever applicable.

Our company is driven to uphold our promise to our customers: to deliver professionally executed projects on time, on budget, and engineered to provided maximum value to our clients. This goal has contributed to Sunmount Paving’s long-term partnerships with highly respected developers throughout Texas and beyond. We look forward to continuing to grow our businesses by exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Sunmount Paving donates time and resources to community organizations and charities throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth region of Texas. Our team members have formed long-standing partnerships with numerous organizations, events, and programs. We consider it an honor and responsibility to participate in the development of our local communities through annual events and drives, and are proud of our legacy of activism and fundraising.

Simply put, the products and services we deliver at Sunmount Paving are made to last. The durability of our work is consistent with our goal of continued success and growth in the future. We honor our company’s past, while remaining focused on providing opportunities for future generations of Americans. Sunmount Paving is optimistic for a future in which our teams continue to play a part with beneficial roadway projects and practices that improve and develop with new technology.