Asphalt Plant Locations
December 9, 2019

Sunmount to Deliver Two Projects at DFW International Airport

Sunmount Paving teams are scheduled to begin work on two taxiway rehabilitation project at DFW International Airport in 2020. Both projects involve HMAC paving of shoulder areas and the airport’s primary haul road. The contracts are examples of the kind of specialized work that Sunmount Paving is uniquely capable of performing: large quantities (more than 50,000 tons) of uncommon Airfield Hot-Mix Asphalt (P-401), laid within a tight timeframe in a highly secured environment.

Work on the primary contract, known as Taxiway Foxtrot, is scheduled to begin at the end of this year, with the majority of the work taking place in 2020. The secondary contract, Taxiway Mike, involves a similar scope of paving services and will begin in the spring of next year.

The entire scope of work for both contracts is engineered to minimize disruption to DFW Airport daily operations. For crews, this means substantial amounts of work for the 348-day duration of the project. It also requires a strategic traffic control plan to be implemented in order to keep high-use runways open throughout the project’s duration.

The 2020 taxiway contracts are the latest in a line of similar projects that Sunmount Paving has performed for DFW International throughout its history. John Rauer, District Manager for Sunmount, says the technical and scheduling demands of airport projects create a unique set of challenges. “The amount of planning and coordination required for airport projects goes beyond roadway paving work,” he says. “That’s where our airport experience becomes so important. It’s what makes Sunmount capable of taking on projects just like these. We understand the measures that must be taken to deliver our product safely and successfully.”